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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 23


R.M C. Scott

pp: 371

Why leaf-bud cuttings? The main purpose of leaf-bud cuttings is to produce as many new plants as possible from a limited stock material. They are slower than stem tip cuttings in that they take longer to produce a mature plant but they can be produced in large numbers.

A leaf-bud cutting, as its name suggests, consist of leaf blade, petiole or leaf stem, an axillary bud plus a small portion of the stem. In actual fact a leaf-bud cutting is a miniature softwood cutting.

It is important when taking these cuttings, as with any cuttings, to select healthy disease-free stock plants. A cutting from a poor quality stock plant will produce an inferior quality new plant. It is also important to select mature tissue, i.e leaves and petioles which have a mature axillary bud or axillary shoot primordia capable of producing shoots in a relatively short time. However, although they should be mature, the cuttings should be made from relatively young, healthy growth, as cuttings from old growth will

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