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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 23


Arie Radder

pp: 351-355

At Imperial Nurseries we have switched from field growing of rhododendrons to 100% container growing. In our Connecticut winter climate we have to protect the containers; this is done by placing them in plastic hoop houses where we stack them together in November and leave them under plastic protection until the end of March.

About the third week of March we start to remove the plants from the hoop houses and space them on black plastic in the growing area so that we can put some good growth on them without any further spacing during the season. At the same time we will shape up all the plants to obtain compact, full rhododendrons. In the past we threw the clippings on the compost heap, but I noticed that there was a considerable amount of nice propagating wood among the clippings so we decided to try to root them. We had space open in our propagating houses and on April 4, 1973 we placed cuttings of four cultivars of rhododendrons in our cutting benches. The rooting medium consisted of

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