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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 22


Michael D. Johnson

pp: 470-475

At Summer Hill rhododendron production accounts for about 40% of our business. We are at present propagating between 60 and 80 thousand rhododendrons a year. This involves 14 varieties of Catawbiense hybrids and seven varieties of what we call small-leaf varieties, such as ‘Purple Gem’ and some of the Carolina hybrids. These are all produced from cuttings taken primarily in October. We also grow a relatively small quantity of Carolina rhododendrons which are propagated from seed. However, I will not get into our seedling production as it is such a small item with us.

Our rhododendrons are sold as three basic size crops — 1 gal containers, 2 gal containers and half-bushel baskets. It all starts, of course, with propagation. We do not have a stock block but take our cuttings from 1 and 2 year old plants that are in production. We feel this gives us a far superior cutting to cuttings taken from old stock plants. They usually root readily and we shape our plants that are in production when we

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