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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 2

The Grafting of Some Maples

J. Howard Burton

pp: 71-80

The experience upon which I base the following conclusions regarding the grafting of Maple varieties has accrued over a thirty year period. I apologize rather than boast of that because in that time much more definite data should have accrued than I have available to present to you.

My Maple grafting experience has been largely with Japanese Maple varieties, select types of Acer Rubrum, Special forms of Sugar Maple and attempts to graft Acer Nigra on Sugar understocks. (The less said about the latter the better). Although if successful they would have little commercial value.

Japanese Maples are often injured in our section by early Fall freezes like the one in October that killed back our Weigelas. Hence securing good and un-injured scion wood is sometimes a problem in winter grafting. However as a rule Maples graft quite readily and offer no insurmountable problems.

To follow them in an orderly manner we should perhaps discuss the understocks first. It has always been our

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