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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 17


Harrison L. Flint

pp: 344-350

Winter storage of young nursery plants has been a popular topic of discussion for a long time, but increasing production of nursery stock in containers in the North has stimulated even greater interest on the subject. My first inclination in preparing to talk to you on this subject was to share with you some of my own experiences and experiences of other people in the New England area. But in the process of visiting nurseries and other establishments, watching their practices, and assembling all this information, I began to realize that if I were to follow my original plan I would probably do nothing more than add confusion to an already confused subject. The one thing that impressed me more than anything else in these visits is that there are so many successful methods in use. I think we've all been impressed by this fact as we have listened to speakers on this subject over the past several years. So for today, let's look for a few universal facts or common denominators that we can use

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