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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 16


Fred H. Petersen

pp: 70-74

STEAM-AIR OR AERATED-STEAM. These terms are used to describe a system or method of soil treatment in which treatment is obtained by exposing soil to a mixture of steam and air. The temperature of the resulting mixture is controlled below 212°F. by adjusting the ratio of steam to air according to established physics. While any treatment temperature between that of ambient air and 212°F. is possible, the temperature range between 140°F. and 160°F. appears most ideal.

PROGRESS. If measured by the number of successful installations now operating at high efficiency, and yielding daily benefits to nurserymen, such progress in my opinion can be summarized as:

     California — Disappointing to a point of concern.
     England — Encouraging as expected, since the concept is British.
     Australia — Enthusiastic, as evidenced by the manner in which Australian growers installed systems after a brief, but complete, introduction to the benefits aerated-steam offers.
     Eastern United States — Encouraging, as

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