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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 16


Richard T. Vanderbilt

pp: 238-241

The structure is a 14' span polyethylene covered quonset house. The cost is about twelve cents a square foot in place and covered. We use it for winter protection of container grown material and to replace cold frames.

This structure evolved into a quonset house quite accidentally. We had considered, and to some extent, used the type of structures long since made famous by Bill Cunningham. Bill's designs are excellent and their only drawback is cost; about 50 to 60 cents a square foot. This cost can be sizeable when you need houses in multiples of miles. We have four miles of the 14' houses up at present.

Up until three years ago we were using concrete reinforcing wire to support the polyethylene above our cans. It is a material that did do the job after a fashion. It is almost impossible to work around once put in place. Watering is very difficult. Pulling plants is impossible without tunneling in from the ends. Covering is a problem because of the many sharp edges that seem to

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