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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 13


James Wells and F.O. Lanphear

pp: 100

The round-table discussion on sanitation and propagation provided some useful and interesting information for the many that were present. As might be expected, the sanitation practices varied considerably among the propagators. One example that illustrates this was the difference in frequency of changing the rooting medium; varying from changing with every batch of cuttings to using the same medium for 20 years. In relation to the differences among propagators it was pointed out that those on the West Coast are known to be much more concerned with this problem and practice sanitation much more extensively than most propagators in the East.

The discussion centered around certain key points which I will now attempt to summarize. One of these was the use of various chemicals as disinfectants in the various propagation steps. There appeared to be considerable use of Morton Soil Drench and Pano Drench either as a drench for the rooting medium or for the cuttings themselves. Some applied

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