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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 10


David G. Leach

pp: 90-94

I am going to talk this afternoon very briefly about still another method of propagating rhododendrons.

Green grafting of rhododendron is a kind of a special situation, because I think almost anyone agrees today that a rhododendron is better off on its own roots. There are a few situations, however, where it is just about necessary to graft. There are a few rhododendrons that are not vigorous enough on their own roots and there are a few, that will not root from cuttings. Mrs. C. S. Sargent, for example, which is just about universally recognized to be about the finest often is described by the nurserymen as being impossible to root.

Rhododendrons have traditionally been grafted in the winter in the greenhouse. A few years ago I read about topworking old plants by grafting. I then adapted this technique to the propagation of new plants by green grafting, since it seemed to me to be far superior to dormant winter grafting technique.

The understock can be almost any kind of a two or

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