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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 1                 (published in 1951)

The Plant Propagator—The Basis of Our Industry
James S. Wells
pp: 8-11 — See abstract

Propagating Rhododendrons From Stem Cuttings
James S. Wells
pp: 12-14 — See abstract

Problems in the Control of Damping-Off
Forrest C. Strong
pp: 15-19 — See abstract

Some Tree Selections for Street and Ornamental Purposes
Edward H. Scanlon
pp: 20-32 — See abstract

The Effect of Juvenility on Plant Propagation
F.L. O'Rourke
pp: 33-37 — See abstract

Controlled Humidification as an Aid to Vegetative Propagation
L.C. Chadwick
pp: 38-39 — See abstract

A General Review of Woody Plant Propagation
Richard H. Fillmore
pp: 40-49 — See abstract

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