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Fruits: volume 64


Volume 64 Issue 4

Frontier science

Deficiencies and weeds in pineapple crops – First evaluations of the genetic resources of avocado trees

Carotenoid contents during ripening of banana hybrids and cultivars grown in Cameroon

The mango tree in central and northern Benin: damage caused by fruit flies (Diptera Tephritidae) and computation of economic injury level

Anatomy, histochemistry and biochemistry of glucovanillin, oleoresin and mucilage accumulation sites in green mature vanilla pod (Vanilla planifolia; Orchidaceae): a comprehensive and critical reexamination

Technical efficiency in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector: a comparison study of Italian and Spanish firms

Vers une valorisation du savoir-faire local des oasis : cas du jus de dattes Tassabount au Maroc

Protoplast isolation and culture for banana regeneration via somatic embryogenesis

Volume 64 Issue 5


Agricultural practices in banana plantations

Analysing the market environment for açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) juices in Europe

Evaluation of Ethiopian plant extracts, Acacia seyal and Withania somnifera, to control green mould and ensure quality maintenance of citrus (Citrus sinensis L.)

Resistance mechanisms of Prunus rootstocks to root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

Tools for producing indicators from a bibliometric study of scientific production: the case of fruit and vegetable publications by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)

Abondance des mouches des fruits dans les zones de production fruitières de Côte d?Ivoire : dynamique des populations de Bactrocera invadens (Diptera : Tephritidae)

Weaning (acclimatization) of in vitro-produced banana plants

Volume 64 Issue 6

Fruits in the World Food Summit?

Fruit growth characteristics of four pomegranate cultivars from northern Oman

Effects of different scion-rootstock combinations on vigor, tree size, yield and fruit quality of three Iranian cultivars of pomegranate

Variabilité de quelques caractères biochimiques des fruits de Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst. au Burkina Faso

Quality for fresh consumption and processing of some non-traditional tropical fruits from Brazil

The influence of contracts on smallholder pepper (Piper nigrum L.) producers in Costa Rica under different market conditions

Nursery hardening of in vitro-produced banana plants