Fruits: volume 63

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  Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Remi Kahane 
ISSN (Print Edition): 0248-1294
ISSN (Electronic Edition): 1625-967X
Frequency: 6 issues per year
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Published by the International Society for Horticultural Science


Volume 63 Issue 1

New: publication of researchers' know-how in Fruits

Fruit characteristics and ripening pattern of ten Musa genotypes in a sub-humid environment in Nigeria

Shelf life of unpasteurized sour orange juice in Iran

Inventaire des espèces de mouches des fruits sur goyave dans la région de Yaoundé au Cameroun

Micronutrient and sodium foliar contents of yellow passion plants as a function of biofertilizers

Protein and amino acid profiles of Tunisian Deglet Nour and Allig date palm fruit seeds

Haploid induction: androgenesis in Musa balbisiana

Mechanical characterisation of banana fruits

A laboratory method to evaluate Pseudocercospora musae's sensitivity to fungicides

Isolation of Cylindrocladium spp. in roots and soils from banana cropping systems

Volume 63 Issue 2

Promotion of fruits and vegetables in countries of sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean

Antinutrients and heavy metals in new Nigerian Musa hybrid peels with emphasis on utilization in livestock production

Determination of citrus fruit origin by using 16S rDNA fingerprinting of bacterial communities by PCR- DGGE: an application to clementine from Morocco and Spain

Efficacité de la coccinelle Stethorus punctillum (Weise) comme prédateur de l'acarien Oligonychus afrasiaticus (McGregor) dans les palmeraies de la région d'Ouargla en Algérie

Acerola: importance, culture conditions, production and biochemical aspects

Influence of row covers and mulching interaction on leaf physiology, fruit yield and albinism incidence in 'Sweet Charlie' strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)

Zygotic embryo rescue in bananas

Methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphism (MSAP) protocol to assess CpG and CpNpG methylation in the banana genome

Measurement of banana green life

Method for early quantification of quiescent infections of Colletotrichum musae on bananas

Volume 63 Issue 3

Fruits: a key challenge in arid zones for generating added value, preserving biodiversity and addressing nutritional needs

A survey in Southern Nigeria reveals the presence of Cucumber mosaic virus subgroup I in Musa crops

Fruit flies of sweet oranges in Nigeria: species diversity, relative abundance and spread in major producing areas

Germination of Garcinia kola (Heckel) seeds in response to different hormone treatments

Nutritional composition of shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) fruit pulp across its major distribution zones in Nigeria

Budbreak, fruit quality and maturity of 'Superior' seedless grapes as affected by Dormex® under Jordan Valley conditions

Chromosome count on banana root tip squashes

Determination of banana fruit susceptibility to post-harvest diseases: wound anthracnose, quiescent anthracnose and crown rot

Biochemical characterization of pulp of banana fruit: measurement of soluble sugars, organic acids, free ACC and in vitro ACC oxidase

Long-term maintenance of Cylindrocladium strains and procedures for inoculum production

Volume 63 Issue 4


Comparaison des propriétés antiradicalaires et antiinflammatoires des huiles essentielles de Citrus reticulata var. Madagascar et Citrus sinensis var. Casagrande du Cameroun

Monitoring and managing Ceratitis spp. complex of sweet orange varieties using locally made protein bait of brewery waste.

Soil seed bank characteristics of Canarium schweinfurthii (Engl.): implications for its natural regeneration.

Pest insects of the palm tree Mauritia flexuosa L.f., dwarf form, in Peruvian Amazonia.

Impact of poultry manure and harvest season on juice quality of yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis var. flavicarpa Deg.) in the sub-humid zone of Nigeria

Nematode extraction from banana roots by the centrifugal-flotation technique

Measurement of ethylene production during banana ripening.

Extraction and purification of total RNA from banana tissues (small scale).

A laboratory method to evaluate the sensitivity of Colletotrichum musae to postharvest fungicides

Volume 63 Issue 5


Myrtillocactus (cactaceae): botanical, agronomic, physicochemical and chemical characteristics of fruits

Effect of juvenility on cutting propagation of red pitaya

Calcium induces salinity tolerance in pistachio rootstocks

Vitamins, phytochemicals and toxic elements in the pulp and seed of raphia palm fruit (Raphia hookeri)

Measurement of fungicide efficacy on post-harvest diseases: wound anthracnose, quiescent anthracnose, crown rot

In vitro rearing of Pratylenchidae nematodes on carrot discs

A biological forecasting system to control Black Leaf Streak disease of bananas and plantains

Artificial inoculation on plants and banana leaf pieces with Mycosphaerella spp., responsible for Sigatoka leaf spot diseases

Volume 63 Issue 6

Bridges will replace walls...

Yield and fruit quality of two late-maturing Valencia orange tree varieties as affected by harvest date

The mango tree in central and northern Benin: cultivar inventory, yield assessment, infested stages and loss due to fruit flies (Diptera Tephritidae)

Emergence and initial growth of rambutan seedlings as a function of seed storage conditions

Fruit nutritive composition of Maesobotrya barteri, an under-exploited tropical African tree

Effects of plant growth regulators on growth and carbohydrate accumulation in shoots and roots of two almond rootstock seedlings

Methodology to forecast the harvest date of banana bunches

Construction of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries of banana (Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana)

A biological forecasting system to control Sigatoka disease of bananas and plantains

Diagnosis of Mycosphaerella spp., responsible for Mycosphaerella leaf spot diseases of bananas and plantains, through morphotaxonomic observations

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