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eJHS (European Journal of Horticultural Science - ISSN: 1611-4426 print and 1611-4434 online) publishes original research articles and reviews on significant plant science discoveries and new or modified methodologies and technologies with a broad international and cross-disciplinary interest in the scope of global horticulture.
eJHS focus is on applied and fundamental aspects of the entire food value chain, ranging from breeding, production, processing, trading to retailing of horticultural crops and commodities in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions. In particular eJHS emphasizes integrated crop management strategies during the preharvest and postharvest stages, aiming at sustainably increasing the quantity and quality of horticultural products.
The eJHS publishes peer-reviewed articles, reviews and special thematic issues; see for information.
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DOI: 10.17660/eJHS.2016/81.5.1     Original article

Photosynthesis in horticultural plants in relation to light quality and CO2 concentration

K.-J. Bergstrand1, A. Suthaparan2, L.M. Mortensen2 and H.R. Gisler°d2
1Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden
2Norwegian University of Life Sciences, ┼s, Norway

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DOI: 10.17660/eJHS.2016/81.5.2     Original article

The rosmarinic acid content of basil and borage correlates with the ratio of red and far-red light

T. Schwend1, D. Prucker1, S. Peisl1, A. Nitsopoulos2 and H. Mempel1
1University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Institut fŘr Gartenbau, 85354 Freising, Germany
2Labor Friedle GmbH, 93105 Tegernheim, Germany

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DOI: 10.17660/eJHS.2016/81.5.3     Original article

The anthocyanins component and the influence factors of contents in red flesh apple 'Hong-Xun No.1'

Yugang Zhang1,2, Ruixue Zhao3, Wenlian Liu1, Xiaohong Sun1,2, Suhua Bai1,2, Ya Xiang1 and Hongyi Dai1,2
1College of Horticulture, Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao, China
2Qingdao Key Laboratory of Genetic Improvement and Breeding in Horticultural Plants, Qingdao, China
3Shandong Provincial Extension Station of Fruits and Tea, Jinan, China

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DOI: 10.17660/eJHS.2016/81.5.4     Original article

Antioxidant properties, sensory characteristics and volatile compounds profile of apple juices from ancient Tuscany (Italy) apple varieties

E. Marag˛1, M. Michelozzi2, L. Calamai3, F. Camangi1 and L. Sebastiani1
1BioLabs, Institute of Life Science, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, 56127 Pisa (PI), Italy
2CNR ľ Istituto di Bioscienze e Biorisorse, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy
3Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze, 50144 Firenze (FI), Italy

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DOI: 10.17660/eJHS.2016/81.5.5     Original article

Retrotransposon-based sequence-specific amplification polymorphism markers reveal that cultivated Pyrus ussuriensis originated from an interspecific hybridization

Peiyuan Yu1, Shuang Jiang2, Xiaoxiang Wang3, Songling Bai1 and Yuanwen Teng1
1Department of Horticulture, The State Agricultural Ministry Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Growth, Development and Quality Improvement, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, Zhejiang, China
2Forest & Fruit Tree Institute, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai 201403, China
3Horticultural Sub-Academy, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Harbin 150069, Heilongjiang, China

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DOI: 10.17660/eJHS.2016/81.5.6     Original article

Mushroom: molecular characterization of indigenous species in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

O.M. Adedokun1, M. Kyalo2, B. Gnonlonfin2,3,4,5, J. Wainaina2,6, D. Githae2, R. Skilton2,7 and J. Harvey2,8
1University of Port-Harcourt, Department of Crop and Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Rivers State, Nigeria
2Biosciences Eastern and Central Africa ľ International Livestock Research Institute Hub, Nairobi, Kenya
3Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
4Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
5National Institute of Agricultural Research of Benin, Cotonou, Benin
6The University of Western Australia, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Australia
7International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), Nairobi, Kenya
8Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506, USA

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