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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 67 Number 2 Article 7 Pages: 117-119
Year 2013 Month 4
Title: 'Hongaram': A Red Fruited, High Aroma Table Grape
Authors: Jung Ho Noh, Kyo Sun Park, Hae Keun Yun, Youn Young Hur, Seo Jun Park, Sung Min Jung and Hae Sung Hawang
'Hongaram' is a new table grape cultivar resulting from an interspecific (Vitis sp. x Vitis vinifera) cross. It is diploid, late-ripening, and red-fruited with a distinct muscat aroma. It had a mean date of bud break in trials of 24 Apr. at Suwon, Republic of Korea while full bloom and fruit maturity occurred on 5 June and 5 Oct., respectively. It has excellent flavor with abundant aroma and very good firmness. Mean berry weight was 5.7 g, and mean total soluble solids concentration was 19.6 °Brix. 'Hongaram' has good cold hardiness. It compares favorably with the cultivar 'Tano Red' in taste, aroma, and resistance to downy mildew. 'Hongaram' is the first table grape cultivar with muscat aroma introduced in Korea.

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