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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 66 Number 4 Article 6 Pages: 220-222
Year 2012 Month 10
Title: Assessment of the Feasibility of Growing Pierce's Disease Tolerant American and French-American Hybrid Bunch Grape Cultivars in Alabama
Authors: Y. Hu, E. Coneva, E. Vinson, J.R. Kessler, Jr., J. Spiers, and J. Ducar
Eleven Pierce’s Disease (PD) tolerant American and French-American hybrid bunch grape cultivars, including ‘Black Spanish’, ‘Blanc du Bois’, ‘Champanel’, ‘Conquistador’, ‘Cynthiana’, ‘Favorite’, ‘Lake Emerald’, ‘Seyval Blanc’, ‘Seyval Blanc’ grafted on Coudrec 3309 (‘Seyval Blanc’/3309C), ‘Stover’, and ‘Villard Blanc’, were planted at the Sand Mountain Research and Extension Center (SMREC), Crossville, AL in 2008 to study the feasibility of growing PD tolerant bunch grapes in the Alabama environment. Our results indicate that ‘Villard Blanc’ produced the largest yield of 16.5 kg/vine in 2011 and had the greatest mean cluster weight of 238 g. ‘Champanel’ produced the largest berries (4.2 g), and was the most vigorously growing cultivar based on pruning weight. ‘Cynthiana’ had the highest soluble solids concentration (SSC) of 21.0%, followed by ‘Lake Emerald’ with 20.7%.

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