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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 57 Number 2 Article 8 Pages: 42-44
Year 2003 Month 4
Title: 'Tulameen' Red Raspberry
Authors: H. Daubeny and C. Kempler
'Tulameen' has become one of the leading fresh market red raspberry cultivars in the world. Some history helps to describe the cultivar and why it has become so important. 'Tulameen' is from the 1980 cross of 'Nootka' x 'Glen Prosen' made in the breeding program at Agriculture and Agri- Food Canada's Pacific Agriculture Research Center (PARC) in British Columbia (BC) (1). 'Nootka', an earlier release from the program, is noted for its high levels of soluble solids which are well balanced with acid levels; it did not have wide acceptance mainly because of its relatively low yields. 'Glen Prosen' is an exception ally firm, large-fruited cultivar from the Scottish Crop Research Institute's program. It owes its firmness to genes ob tained from the eastern North America native black raspberry, Rubus occidentalis L. These genes had been brought into raspberry breeding programs through the pio neering work done at Horticulture Research International, located in East Mailing, England. Because of its firmness, 'Glen Prosen' has been grown in Britain for fresh market use, particularly that involving transport to distant markets.

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