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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 57

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January 2003, Number 1
'Elliott' Highbush BlueberryM.K. Ehlenfeldt2
Early Performance of 'Cortland', 'Macoun', 'McIntosh' and 'Pioneer Mac' Apple Trees on Various Rootstocks in Maine, Massachusetts, and Nova ScotiaW.R. Autio, J.R. Schupp, C.G. Embree, and R.E. Moran7
Promising Cornelian Cherries (Cornus mas L.) from the Northeastern Anatolia Region of TurkeyL. Pirlak, M. Guleryuz, and I. Bolat14
Strawberry Cultivar Performance in Missouri, 1997-1999M.L. Kaps, M.B. Odneal, and P.L. Byers19
Investigations of Metaxenia in Northern Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) CultivarsM.K. Ehlenfeldt26
Effects of Jasmonic Acid on Yield and Quality of Two Strawberry CultivarsH. Yilmaz, K. Yildiz, and F. Muradoglu32
'UFBeauty' and 'UFBlaze' PeachesW.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene35
April 2003, Number 2
'Tulameen' Red RaspberryH. Daubeny and C. Kempler42
Effects of Directed Applications of Prohexadione-Calcium to Tops of Mature Pear Trees on Shoot Growth, Light Penetration, Pruning, and Fruit QualityD.C. Elfving, L. Lombardini, J.R. McFerson, S.R. Drake, D.F. Faubion, T.D. Auvil, G. Van Ee and D.B. Visser45
The Development of Cuticular Fractures in Fruits of Sweet Cherries (Prunus avium L.) Can Vary with Cultivar and RootstockK.L. Hovland and L. Sekse58
Trends in Lowbush Blueberry Cultivar Development (Hedrick Student Award Paper 2002)D. Janes and D. Percival63
Fruit Yield and Characteristics of Three Cultivars of Mirabelle Plum (Prunus instititia var. syriaca) in Northwest SpainC. Salinero, O. Aguin and M.J. Sainz70
Pear Cultivars as Interstems -The Initial Five Years, Do they Have Anything to Offer?E.A. Mielke and L. Smith76
Almond Bloom in a Changing ClimateR. Socias i Company, A.J. Felipe, and J. Gomez Aparisi89
The Effect of Eight Dwarf Rootstocks on Burrknot Development on 'Gala' Apple Trees at Two LocationsR.P. Marini, M.L. Parker, J.A. Barden and C.R. Unrath93
July 2003, Number 3
'Annapolis' StrawberryA.R. Jamieson98
Influence of Pruning and Interspecific Prunus Hybrid Rootstocks on Tree Growth, Yield, and Fruit Size of ApricotF. Kappel100
Identification and Genetic Relationship of Persian Walnut Genotypes Using Isozyme MarkersA. Ninot and N. Aleta106
Performance of Nine Pecan Cultivars and Selections in Southern GeorgiaP.J. Conner and T.E. Thompson115
Performance of Six Asturian Apple (Malus x domestica) Cultivars Growing on Two Rootstocks for Cider ProductionB. Diaz-Hernandez, M. Ciordia-Ara, M. Coque-Fuertes and S. Pereira-Lorenzo121
Characteristics of Some Local and Standard Sweet Cherry Cultivars Grown in TurkeyL. Demirsoy and H. Demirsoy128
October 2003, Number 4
Florida 4B: Native Blueberry with Exceptional Breeding ValueA. Draper and J. Hancock138
Pecan Tree Dieback Following 1999-2002 Drought Associated with September RainfallD. Sparks142
Effect of Transplanting Rootstocks Before Grafting on Xylem Exudation and Graft Success in WalnutK. Yildiz and H. Yilmaz146
Pre-Plant Crop Rotation and Compost Amendments for Improving Establishment of Red RaspberryB.L. Black, H.J. Swartz, P. Millner and P. Steiner149
Performance of 'Rakuraku Fuji' Apple Trees on JM.7 and M.9Nagano Rootstocks, and M.9Nagano/Marubakaido Interstem Combinations in JapanH. Tamai, H. Komatsu, H. Koike, T. Ono and I. Shigehara157
Fruit Characteristics of Nine Thornless Blackberry GenotypesN. Turemis, S. Kafkas, E. Kafkas and C. Onur161
Apple Cultivar Sensitivity to Azoxystrobin FungicideR.M. Crassweller and D.E. Smith166
Influence of Time of Thinning on Yield, Fruit Quality and Return Flowering of 'Fuji' AppleH. Koike, H. Tamai, T. Ono and I. Shigehara169
The Effect of Soluble Sugars, Total Flavan and Juglone Concentration in Walnut Scions on Graft SurvivalK. Yildiz, H. Yilmaz and F. Balta173