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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 56

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January 2002, Number 1
´Reliance` GrapeJ.R. Clark2
Effects of Rootstocks and Microsprinkler Fertigation on Mineral Concentrations, Yield, and Fruit Color of ´BC-2 Fuji` AppleI.-J. Chun, E. Fallahi, W.M. Colt, B. Shafii, and R.R. Tripepi4
Vegetative Growth and Mixed-Bud Development of ´Fuji` Apple Trees as Influenced by Rootstocks and Microsprinkler FertigationI.-J. Chun, E. Fallahi, R.R. Tripepi, W.M. Colt, and B. Shafii14
Influence of Rootstocks and Microsprinkler Fertigation on Photosyntheisis of ´Fuji` Apple TreesI.-J. Chun, E. Fallahi, B. Shafii, R.R. Tripepi, and W.M. Colt23
Fruit Weight and Shoot Diameter Relationship in Early Ripening PeachesG.W. Porter, W.B. Sherman, T.G. Bechman, and G.W. Krewer30
Storage Potential of Cold-hardy Apple CultivarsA.F. El-Shiekh, C.B.S. Tong, J.J. Luby, E.E. Hoover, and D.S. Bedford34
Flowering and Cross-compatibility in Apple Cultivars Growing in the Kulu Valley of IndiaD. Singh, S.D. Sharma, and K. Kumar46
Phenotypic Differences on Nut and Yield Characteristics in ´Siirt` Pistachios (Pistacia vera L.) Grown in Siirt ProvinceF. Balta50
High Temperature Effects on CO2 Assimilation Rate in Genotypes of Fragaria xananassa, F. chiloensis, and F. virginianaS. Serce, P.W. Callow, H.-J. Ho, and J.F. Hancock57
April 2002, Number 2
'Brightwell' Rabbiteye BlueberryP. Lyrene66
'China Pearl' PeachD.J. Werner, S.M. Worthington and L.K. Snelling69
Split Pits in Canadian PeachesC. O'Malley and J.T.A.Proctor72
Developing Canning Peach Critical Bruising ThresholdsP.D. Metheney, C.H. Crisosto and D. Garner75
Development of Highbush Blueberry Cultivars Adapted to FloridaP. Lyrene79
Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina L.) Fruit Growth: Seasonal Pattern of Source/Sink LimitationsB. Basile, M.J. Mariscal, K.R. Day, R.S. Johnson and T.M. DeJong86
Quality Characteristics of Five Disease-Resistant Apple CultivarsA.A. Bushway, W. Hu, J.R. Schupp, T. Work and S.I. Koller94
A Development Based Classification for Branch Architecture in AlmondT.M. Gradziel, D.E. Kester and P. Martinez-Gomez106
Impact of Apple Rootstock/Cultivar on Processing Market ProfitabilityJ.K. Harper, R.M. Crassweller and D.E. Smith112
Comparative Agronomic Performance of 15 Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia Nutt.) Cultivars During Their First Seven Years of GrowthA.M. Zatylny, R.G. St-Pierre and H.P. Tulloch118
July 2002, Number 3
'Stella' Sweet CherryF. Kappel130
The Effects of Hail Nets and Ethephon on Color Development of 'Redchief Delicious' Apple Fruit in the Highlands of Chihuahua, MexicoV.M. Guerero, J.A. Orozco, A. Romo, A.A. Gardea, F.J. Molina, B. Sastre and J.J. Martinez132
Calcium Spray Materials and Fruit Calcium Concentrations Influence Apple QualityJ.T. Raese and S.R. Drake136
Wilthin Effective in Thinning Mississippi ApplesE. Ansari, F.B. Matta and L.A. Khan144
Benzyladenine and Other Thinning Agents for Pear cv. 'Clara Frijs'M.G. Bertelsen149
Codling Moth Survival in Cherry: Effect of Cultivars and Fruit MaturityJ.D. Hansen, S.R. Drake and M.L. Heidt156
Selection of Native 'Cornelian' Cherries Grown in TurkeyT. Karadeniz164
Incidence of Phytophthora cactorum Crown and Root Rot on Seven Apple Rootstocks Artificially Infected in the OrchardR.S. Utkhede, A.H. Quamme and R. Brownlee168
Determination of S-genotypes and Self-Fertility of Sweet Cherry in Summerland Advanced SelectionsL. Zhou, F. Kappel, R. MacDonald, C. Hampson, G. Bakkeren and P.A. Wiersma173
Peaches for Subtropical South FloridaR.E. Rouse and W.R. Sherman179
Pomological Traits of Apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) Selected from Bitlis Seedling PopulationA. Kazankaya184
The Effect of Pollination Bag Type on Fruit Set and Quality in Pecan HybridizationP.J. Conner189
October 2002, Number 4
'Ennis' HazelnutK.E. Hummer and H. Lagerstedt194
Differences in Levels of Pectic Substances and Firmness in Fruit From Six Sweet Cherry GenotypesC. Choi, P. Toivonen, P.A. Wiersma and F. Kappel197
The Influence of Cultivar and Orchard System on Pruning Time per Tree, per Hectar, and per Unit of YieldJ.A. Barden202
'Sunbest' NectarineW.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene206
Various Measures of Tree Vigor, Yield, and Yield Efficiency of Apple Trees in the 1990 NC-140 Systems Trial as Influenced by Location, Cultivar, and Orchard SystemJ.A. Barden, J.A. Cline, M.M. Kushad and M.L. Parker208
Interrelationships Among Pomological Traits and Selection of Medlar (Mespilus germanica L.) types in TurkeyS.Z. Bostan215
Gibberellic Acid Increases Fruit Firmness, Fruit Size, and Delays Maturity of 'Sweetheart' Sweet CherryF. Kappel and R.A. MacDonald219
Development of a Model for Prediction of Consumer Liking from Visual Attributes of New and Established Apple CultivarsM.C. King and M.A. Cliff223
Assessing the Potential for Colletotrichum acutatum as a Biological Thinning Agent for Florida CitrusE. Stover, Y. Lin, E. Rosskopf and R. Sonoda230
Low Temperature Susceptibilit of 'Redhaven' Peach Floral Buds on Various Rootstocks in the 1994 NC-140 TrialM. Warmund, G.L. Reighard, and D.C. Ferree235