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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 52 Number 4 Article 40 Pages: 200-205
Year 1998 Month 10
Title: Performance of Three Apple Cultivars on 19 Standard and Semi-Standard Rootstocks Over 10 Years
Authors: D.C. Ferree, J.C. Schmid and P.E. Dotson
In 1986 'Macspur Mclntosh,' 'Lawspur Rome Beauty,' and 'Redchief Delicious' apple trees on 19 standard and semi-standard rootstocks were planted at Ripley, OH. 'Macspur' produced the largest trees after 10 years, followed by 'Lawspur' and 'Redchief,' and the interaction between cultivar and rootstock for all factors measured was significant. MAC.24, B.490, MAC.4 and MAC.1 resulted in trees with larger TCA's than 'Macspur' on seedling rootstock, while 8 other rootstocks were similar in size to M.7 EMLA. Trees on MM.106 EMLA had larger TCA than 'Macspur'/MM.106, but EMLA status had no effect with M.7 or both rootstocks with the other cultivars. Trees of 'Lawspur' and 'Redchief on MM.106 EMLA were much smaller than 'Macspur' on MM.106 EMLA. B.118 was precocious with all 3 cultivars and 'Lawspur' was particularly precocious on P.13 and MM. 106. The following rootstocks had higher cumulative yields/tree than 'Macspur'/seedling, while being similar in size: MAC.4, B.118, P.18, M.4 and MM.106 EMLA. The following had higher cumulative yields/tree than 'Lawspur'/seedling, while being equivalent in size: MAC.24, MAC.4, B.118, M.4, P.13. None of the rootstocks were superior to M.7, while several of the larger rootstocks, P.13, B.118, MM.106 and MM.111 were superior to seedling.

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