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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 52 Number 3 Article 28 Pages: 124-127
Year 1998 Month 7
Title: ´Triple Crown` Thronless Blackberry
Authors: G.J. Galletta, J.L. Maas, J.R. Clark and C.E. Finn
Triple Crown' is a midsummer-ripening tetraploid thornless blackberry cultivar [Rubus sp., subgenus Rubus (Eubatus)] suitable for fresh or processed use developed and released by the Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Triple Crown, tested as US 1638, was selected in 1983 at Beltsville, Maryland by G.J. Galletta from his 1980 cross of SIUS 68-2-5 (=C-47) × Arkansas 545 ('Darrow' × 'Brazos'). SIUS 68-2-5 ('Black Satin' × SIUS 64-21-4) is a thornless selection bred by the late Dr. "Jack" Hull of the USDA. SIUS 64-21-4 is a full sibling of 'Hull Thornless' (1), 'Black Satin,' 'Dirksen Thornless,' and 'Chester Thornless' blackberries. Triple Crown' has grown and fruited well in several locations in Beltsville from 1985 through 1995, and also at Corvallis, Oregon, where 7-year-old plants yielded an average of 14.7 kg per plant in 1995 (C. Finn, unpublished data). Triple Crown' was named for its three crowning attributes: high vigor in a thornless plant, high productivity, and improved fruit sweet ness and aroma. Coupled with its improved fruit display habit, this was enough to suggest that this selection might compare with the winner of the Triple Crown of horse racing. Triple Crown' was released to nurseries in 1996.

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