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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 52 Number 2 Article 19 Pages: 86-89
Year 1998 Month 4
Title: Strawberry Varieties for Fresh Market in Denmark
Author: O.M. Martins
Testing 9 varieties for the fresh market for 2 years yielded the results given here by measured yield and berry size and assessed taste and product quality of each variety. All varieties could grow successfully in Denmark. 'Honeoye' as an early productive variety with a good quality, and 'Onebor'(syn. 'Marmolada') as a productive mid season variety with a quality similar to 'Elsanta,' which had a lower yield. The late ripening varieties, 'Dania,' 'Pegasus' and 'Rhapsody,' had a medium quality. 'Rhapsody' was somewhat low in yield. The latest variety, 'Pandora,' produced a high yield and a medium quality.

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