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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 50 Number 4 Article 37 Pages: 226-229
Year 1996 Month 10
Title: Cambial Browning of Cold Injured Peach Nursery Trees
Authors: D.E. Deyton, C.E. Sams, J.C. Cummins and D.W. Lockwood
One year old peach trees in nurseries at McMinnville, Tenn. were exposed to -11 C on 5 Nov. 1991 prior to digging. Nursery owners were concerned about the relationship of tree cambial browning to potential tree performance after planting. A color scale showing discolored cambium of peach nursery trees was developed to rate injury. Cambial browning was rated on trees of nine cultivars with chill hour requirements ranging from 175 to 1050. Cultivars with less than a 500 chill hour requirement had higher ratings. 'Harbrite' trees in size grades of 30 to 90 cm neight had less cambium browning than trees in grades of 90 to 152 cm height. 'Redglobe' trees exposed in a programmable freezer to -24C soon exhibited slight cambium browning (rating = 1.6), however severe browning was evident on trees exposed to -30C or -35C. 'Redglobe' trees exposed to ≤ -24C did not differ in height, trunk diameter or dry weight at the end of the growing season. Trees died that had been exposed to -30 or -35C. In a similar experiment, juneprince' trees exposed to -18C had slight cambium browning (rating = 1.2) but the trees died. While cambial browning may be an indicator of tree injury, the relationship between the degree of browning and injury may be specific to cultivars or chill requirement.

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