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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 48 Number 2 Article 4 Pages: 89-93
Year 1994 Month 4
Title: Performance of Japanese Plum Cultivars in Northern Mississippi
Authors: F.B. Matta, R.C. Sloan Jr. and O.P. Vadhwa
Eleven Japanese plum cultivars were evaluated for seven years. Parameters considered were fruit characteristics (flesh color, skin color and freeness of stone), quality indices (pH, soluble solids concentration, fruit size and weight), bloom dates, and yield. All cultivars were clingstone except 'AU Roadside' and 'Ozark Premier/ Full bloom dates for all cultivars occurred between March 9 and March 20. Late spring freezes greatly limited plum yields due to their bloom time. 'Robusto,' 'Morris,' 'Segundo' and 'Methley' had the highest cumulative yields over four production years. 'Ozark Premier' and 'Robusto had the highest soluble solids concentration. 'AU Producer' produced the smallest fruit and the highest juice pH.

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