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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 48 Number 2 Article 10 Pages: 114-116
Year 1994 Month 4
Title: New System for Fruit and Nut Variety Naming and Registration
Author: J.N. Cummins
An improved system for naming and registration of new varieties of fruit and nut crops has been announced by American Society for Horticultural Science and American Pomology Society. "Register Lists" of new varieties were published in HortScience about every year until 1984, compiled by Reid Brooks and Harold Ommo. List 35 was published in 1991, edited by James Cummins, with a number of authors contributing major portions of the List.

The 13 specialists below have List 36 "in press," to be published shortly in HortScience, and have begun registration of new varieties for List 37. Dr. Cummins is continuing to edit the Lists.

With 50 or more new varieties being named every year, the possibilities of using the same name for different varieties is constantly increasing. To address this problem, breeders and others preparing to name a new variety are urged to contact the appropriate specialist to determine whether the proposed name is already in use. Each registrar has extensive name lists for the commodities covered.

To register a new variety, full information should be sent to the appropriate registrar, including at least the following information: name, synonyms, and identification used during testing; patent number, date of patent, and assignee; parentage if a hybrid, or other origin; name(s) of breeders or finders; where originated and tested; fruit size, shape, color, and finish; flesh color, firmness, flavor; ripening season; storability and shelf life; similarities and differeneces from other varieties; plant form, vigor, and productivity; pest and disease resistances and susceptibilities, special environmental relations, e.g., chilling requirement.

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