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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 48 Number 1 Article 19 Pages: 46-46
Year 1994 Month 1
Title: The Northeast SARE (LISA) Apple Production Project
Author: APS
Developing sustainable apple pro duction systems based on the use of scab-resistant apple cultivars (SRCs) and IPM techniques is a key objective of this multi-disciplinary project involving 19 principal investigators across the 5 cooperating institutions. Cultivar selection is a crucial decision for an apple grower which will impact the farm's competitiveness and profitability for many years. Factors that growers consider when deciding what cultivars to plant include consumer acceptance and marketability; winter hardiness; yield potential; fruit storage qualities, color, taste, and size; and potential pest man agement problems. These factors are being researched in this Project. Also, scab-resistant orchards will undoubtly present new economic considerations to growers, wholesalers, and proces sors. A further objective of this Project is to provide economic analyses of alternative techniques and to forecast the impact of changes in production systems on the Northeast apple industry. In addition, apple growers must have access to research-generated information that addresses the critical issues facing them. Rapid information dissemination is a high priority of this project. The Northeast Sustainable Apple Production Newsletter has over 1200 active subscribers across the United States and in 7 foreign countries including Canada, Australia, Israel, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and India. The Management Guide for Low-Input Sustainable Apple Production has been well received and continues to be requested world-wide.

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