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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 47 Number 4 Article 6 Pages: 214-218
Year 1993 Month 10
Title: Cultivar and Crop Load Influence Cold Damage of Pecan
Authors: M.W. Smith, J.A. Anderson and B.S. Parker
A severe freeze during November 1991 injured pecan trees [Carya illinoensis (Wangenh.) C. Koch]. The severity of the damage was related to cultivar and crop load. Cultivars that had structural damage or were killed included 'Barton,' 'Graking,' 'Mahan,' 'Mohawk' and USDA 41-19-20. 'Dodd,' 'Hayes,' 'Hirschi,' 'Nuggett,' 'Peruque,' 'Gormely,' USDA 55-11-11, USDA 64-11-17 and OK 753 were not injured by the fall freeze. In 'Mohawk,' freeze damage was curvilinearly related to crop load.


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