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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 47 Number 4 Article 1 Pages: 182-184
Year 1993 Month 10
Title: Totem' Strawberry
Authors: H. Daubeny, F.J. Lawrence and P.P. Moore
The 'Totem' strawberry cultivar has been a major factor in maintaining the reputation of the Pacific Northwest of North America as a producer of high quality strawberries for the processing market. The cultivar continues to be the most popular throughout the region which includes southwestern British Columbia, western Washington and western Oregon. In 1990, 'Totem' accounted for approximately 58% of the certified plant sales throughout the region with the second and third most widely planted cultivars, 'Sumas' and 'Shuskan' accounting for approximately 9% and S%9 respectively. The 5858 represents more than 20 million 'Totem' plants distributed in that year. In British Columbia the cultivar has accounted for as much as 80$ of the plantings (6). During the past five years, approximately 65% of the harvested strawberry plantings in Oregon have been 'Totem.'

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