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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 47 Number 3 Article 12 Pages: 180-180
Year 1993 Month 7
Title: Book Review: Pecan Cultivars - The Orchard Foundation
Author: APS
Pecan Cultivars The Orchard Foundation, by Dr. Darrell Sparks, begins with an introduction, and an excellent historical account of pecan cultivar development from the 1870's to the present. This book may be considered the "Encyclopedia of Pecan Cultivar Characteristics" where both descriptions and quantitative data are offered on characteristics such as budbreak, leaf date, ripening date, season duration, heat units, flower dichogamy, catkin size and shape, stigma size color and shape, efficiency of pollinizers, leaf shape and color, leaf retention, foliage density, tree structure and shape, tree size and strength, yield and yield efficiency, alternate bearing, precocity and prolificness, flower cluster size, shoot length and density, flower and fruit abortion, nut maturity, shuck thickness and shape, shell markings, nut size, nut shape, shell thickness, % kernel, % oil, kernel stability, % intact halves, kernel color, suitability for mechanical harvesting, cracking and shelling, storage ability, and kernel stability and resistance to insects, diseases and winter injury. Next, 150 pages are devoted to a detailed description of standard, old profitable, old submarginal, USDA, and northern cultivars, and cultivars with special significance. The book is not completely descriptive. Over 50 pages are devoted to the "Pursuit of a Better Cultivar" with an insightful discussion of the reasons for the failure of cultivars. The book is well-referenced and is written in a clear and concise manner. High quality black and white photo graphs of all cultivars are presented. It is also supplemented by identification keys, several useful appendices and a glossary. In summary, this book is an invaluable source of information for pecan growers, shellers, researchers and serious hobbyists.

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