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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 47 Number 3 Article 11 Pages: 179-180
Year 1993 Month 7
Title: Notice to Fruit Growers and Nurserymen Relative to the Naming and Release of the Apple, 'Hardy Cumberland'
Author: APS
The Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture and the University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture jointly an nounce the naming and release for propagation of the apple cultivar 'Hardy Cumberland/ formerly tested as BL 6124-51. 'Hardy Cumberland' resulted from the cross, Lyons x De troit Red, made at Blacksburg, Virginia in 1961 by Jerry B. Hardigree. Both parents are locally adapted for growth and productivity in the southern Appalachian Mountains. BL 6124-51 was planted in 1963 at the Georgia Mountain Branch Experiment Station at Blairsville, Georgia; selected for test ing in 1969 by James M. Thompson; and subsequently tested at Blairsville and at the Plateau Experiment Station at Crossville, Tennessee.

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