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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 47 Number 1 Article 8 Pages: 47-51
Year 1993 Month 1
Title: Scab Occurrence on Pecan Clones in Alabama in a Year of High Disease Incidence
Authors: W.D. Goff, L. Campbell, T.E. Thompson, J.S. Bannon and A.J. Latham
Occurrence of scab, a fungus disease of pecan (Carya illinoensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch) caused by Cladosporium caryigenum (Ell. et Lang.) Gottwald [= Fusicladium effusum Wint.) was rated on 63 pecan clones at five locations in Alabama during a year of high disease inci dence. Locally-selected clones of seedling origin, 'Deakle's Special,' 'Dixie,' and 'Gafford,' were entirely free of scab symptoms on both nuts and leaves of unsprayed trees. Advanced US DA selections 70-3-34 and 72-2-9 had very low scab incidence. Seven other USDA selections, 75-5- 32, 78-15-51, 72-6-36, 76-7-41, 73-1-10, 72-10-51, and 70-4-9 had significantly worse scab than did the standard cultivar 'Desirable.'

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