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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 46 Number 2 Article 1 Pages: 66-67
Year 1992 Month 4
Title: 'Flordaprince' Peach
Authors: W.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene
Low-chill peach breeding began at the University of Florida in 1953 through the efforts of R. H. Sharpe. The main goal was to develop cultivars of fruit quality and size equal to culti vars grown in temperate zones. Lowchill adaptability was used from 3 sources: the feral Spanish germplasm introduced through St. Augustine, from which Jewel' and Waldo' were locally named representatives; 'Hawaiian,' an introduction from south China; and 'Okinawa' a seed introduction from the Ryukyu Islands. The low-chill germplasm was hybridized with tem perate zone cultivars and advanced selections from other breeders, but mainly with germplasm available through the Southeastern USDA Sta tion in Georgia. Segregating F2 popula tions gave rise to selections that were intercrossed and hybridized with other high fruit quality temperate zone germplasm to produce advanced gen erations and form the basis of the current breeding program from which Tlordaprince' was selected. 'Flordaprince' was named in honor of Victor E. Prince, the USDA Georgia peach breeder, because he cooperated for many years in the hybridization pro gram in which crosses and backcrosses were made to incorporate low-chill genes into the best temperate-zone peach germplasm.

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