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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 45 Number 4 Article 10 Pages: 242-246
Year 1991 Month 10
Title: Effects of Rootstock on Productivity and Pruning Requirements of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' Apple Trees in the NC-140 Cooperative Planting
Authors: D.C. Elfving and E.D. McKibbon
Estimated early yields per ha. (1982-1985) of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' apple trees plant ed on nine rootstock clones in 1980 were directly related to estimated planting-system density except for trees on M.27 EMLA. In contrast, estimated yields per ha. from 1986 through 1989 for all rootstocks were not influenced by esti mated planting-system density. Dormant-prun ing time requirements from 1982 through 1989 were most influenced by the need for a ladder during pruning. Where ladder use was unneces sary, dormant-pruning time was inversely pro portional to tree size, but to a much lesser extent than for trees requiring a ladder. Pruning costs represented a small fraction of estimated crop value. Although cumulative estimated pro duction per ha. did not differ significantly among rootstocks, there was a significant, posi tive relationship between estimated net crop value (crop value minus pruning costs) and estimated planting density.

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