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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 45 Number 2 Article 11 Pages: 101-106
Year 1991 Month 4
Title: Apple Cultivars-Current Situation and Trends in New York State
Author: W.C. Stiles
The 1985 statewide tree survey indicated a total of 5,052,307 trees in 68,520 acres of or chards. The top ten cultivars were: 'Mclntosh,' 'Delicious,' 'Rome,' 'Empire,' 'Idared,' 'Cortland, 'Golden Delicious,' 'R.I. Greening,' 'Mutsu,' and Paulared.' These ten accounted for 86.2 percent of all trees. Cultivars showing greatest increases in tree numbers include 'Empire,' 'Mclntosh,' 'Delicious,' 'Rome,' 'Idared,' and 'Cortland.' Other cultivars that have shown consistent increases in recent plantings include 'Spartan, 'Tydeman Early,' Jonamac,' 'Macoun,' 'Jerseymac,' and 'Jonagold.' Cultivars that are decreasing in tree numbers include 'R.I. Greening,' 'Twenty Ounce,' 'Monroe,' 'Baldwin,' 'Wayne, 'Northern Spy,' 'Wealthy,' and 'Stayman.' Current trends, if con tinued, suggest that 'Mclntosh,' 'Delicious,' 'Em pire,' 'Rome,' 'Idared,' 'Cortland,' 'Golden Deli cious,' 'Mutsu,' and 'Jonamac' will constitute the top ten cultivars ana account for over 85 percent of all trees within the next ten years. Clonallypropagated understocks accounted for 72.6 percent of all trees in 1985.

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