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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 44 Number 4 Article 6 Pages: 194-197
Year 1990 Month 10
Title: Interstate Restrictions on Movement of Ribes Germplasm
Author: K.E. Hummer
Movement of Ribes germplasm in the United States is restricted by federal and state regula tions because of diseases and other pests. For eign Ribes importation is restricted (Title 7 Agriculture CFR 319.37, The plant protection and quarantine programs for the United States) because of the presence of black currant rever sion agent, a pathogen not found in the United States. Domestic Ribes are prohibited in some states because Ribes acts as an alternate host for white pine blister rust. This paper summarizes the state restrictions on the interstate movement of domestic Ribes and was prepared by survey ing each of the 50 state departments of agricul ture by phone. The present state restrictions are summarized and contacts for each of the state departments of agriculture are listed. Regula tions change as new laws are enacted so it is highly recommended that the agencies be con tacted for specific situations. As of January 1990, 10 states prohibit or require written per mission for domestic Ribes entry; 4 states pro hibit Ribes nigrum L. but may allow other Ribes to enter; 13 require nursery or phytosanitary certification for any Ribes; 23 either have no restriction or do not enforce the restriction

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