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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 44 Number 2 Article 13 Pages: 99-102
Year 1990 Month 4
Title: Evaluation of Vineyard Peach as a Peach Rootstock
Authors: P.D. Misic, V.Z. Pavlovic, R.R. Todorovic, and M.A. Mirkovic
The vineyard peach population of Serbia, Yugoslavia is being sampled and trees selected for propagation and testing. Results thus far indicate that there is a high degree of genetic diversity in this population of peaches, some with tolerance to cold and disease stress. Dif ferences have been found in tree vigor, fruit quality, fruit size, yield, seed germination, and vigor of the seedlings. Twelve of 44 selections have been selected for further testing. Several selections including MG/62/87 and GR/65/87 are particularly desirable in regards to regular and abundant cropping of the mother trees as well as a high percentage of seed germination and seedling vigor.

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