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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 44 Number 2 Article 1 Pages: 50-53
Year 1990 Month 4
Title: The 'Mclntosh' Apple
Author: J.T.A. Proctor
Ask a Canadian to name one apple cultivar and the response will be "Mclntosh." A two hundred year his tory in Canada, the eastern United States and parts of Europe, particu larly Scotland, has ensured ready rec ognition and acceptance of this cultivar in spite of challengers (11). 'Mclntosh' originated as a chance seedling on the John Mclntosh homestead (see Figs. 1-3) near Dundela, Dundas County, Ontario where John's son, Allan, began its propagation in the nursery about 1870 (1). Since that time it has been grown widely and is most successful in climatic zones similar to its place of origin. Clear days and cool nights prior to harvest are prerequisites for good color and quality and successful storage.

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