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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 43 Number 1 Article 3 Pages: 7-11
Year 1989 Month 1
Title: The Search for Peach Rootstocks Tolerant to Alkalinity
Authors: J.N. Egilla and D.H. Byrne
Effect of Alkalinity on Peach Rootstocks - A large number of different types of rootstocks are being used for peach world-wide (15) and are principally derived from seedling sources. The sources are comprised of wild types, commercial cultivars and special rootstock selections. The first are usually obtained from peach trees that have escaped cultivation. The second are those used for commercial processing (15). Greater genetic uniformity is found in this group than those from the wild and therefore, their performance is more predictable (10). The third group consists of selections that have value only as rootstock seed sources for peach and nectarine. All the dif ferent stocks have special attributes which led to their introduction in the geographical regions where they orig inated. Some have wide areas or adap tation and are used in more than one country, or geographic region, while others appear to be more narrowly adapted. Other sources of rootstock include peach x almond hybrids and plum and plum hybrids.

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