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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 42 Number 1 Article 7 Pages: 24-28
Year 1988 Month 1
Title: Comparison of Early Performance and Fire Blight Susceptibility of 12 Early Season Apple Cultivars
Authors: D.C. Ferree, R.C. Funt and C.K. Chandler
In 1981,12 cultivars of early season apples on M.9/MM.106 or M.9/MM.111 interstems were established at 2 locations in southern Ohio. The influence of the rootstocks on tree performance were minimal, with trees on M.9/MM.111 being slightly smaller and having lower yields and yield efficiency at Ripley. No rootstock dif ferences were expressed at Jackson. 'Discovery' and 'Akane' were tardy in coming into produc tion and had low yields compared to other cultivars. Highest yielding cultivars were 'Ozark Gold,' 'Gala,' and 'Earliblaze' and these culti vars also tended to have relatively high pro ductive efficiecy by yield per trunk cross-sec tional area. 'Jonamac' in both plantings tended to be small, efficient trees with good fruit quality. Severe fire blight infections occurred in both plantings. While 'Viking' showed very little infection, the following cultivars exhibited severe infection in one or both plantings: 'Tydemans Red,' 'Discovery,'' Paulared,' 'Earliblaze,' and 'Jonamac'

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