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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 41 Number 1 Article 3 Pages: 8-12
Year 1987 Month 1
Title: The Effect of Scion and Graft Union on Root Growth Potential (RGP) of Two Seedling Cherry Rootstocks, Prunus mahaleb L. and P. avium L. "Mazzard"
Authors: T.G. Beckman and R.L. Perry
Root growth potential (RCP), measured as capacity to regenerate new roots following trans planting, was evaluated in two seedling cherry rootstocks, Prunus mahaleb L. and P. avium L. "Mazzard" at bud swell following 2 growth cycles. Each of these stocks was treated as follows: unbudded, budded with P. cerasus cv. 'Montmorency,' and with itself. Mazzard rootstocks displayed a significantly higher RCP than Mahaleb rootstocks. Presence of 'Montmorency' as a scion on Mazzard rootstocks significantly increased new root production compared to unbudded stocks and those bud ded with Mazzard F12/1. No comparable effect was seen when 'Montmorency' was budded on Mahaleb stocks.

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