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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 41 Number 1 Article 11 Pages: 40-46
Year 1987 Month 1
Title: Albert Etter: Fruit Breeder
Author: R. Fishman
Albert Etter was an innovative private fruit breeder who worked mainly with strawberries and apples. His most notable introductions in clude the Ettersburg 80 (Huxley), Ettersburg 121, and Fendalcino strawberries, as well as the Pink Pearl, Waltana, and Jonwin apples. Although the Etter strawberry cultivars have little commercial importance today, their germplasm remains a fundamental component in many leading modern cultivars. Perhaps more significant was the influence of Etter's unconventional approach on other breeders. He emphasized the value of unimproved, often wild parent material, and frequently made "wide" crosses between genetically diverse types. With strawberries, he demonstrated the particular usefulness of Fragaria chiloensis as a germplasm source. His breeding work with apples made heavy reliance on crabapple material and obscure, apparently unpromising cultivars. His apple selections include a series of pink- and red-fleshed cultivars, the best known of which is Pink Pearl.

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