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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 40 Number 4 Article 8 Pages: 140-143
Year 1986 Month 10
Title: Field Performance of Malus Sargentiias a Rootstock for Four Commercial Apple Varieties
Authors: W.C. Olien, W.C. Stiles and R.C. McCrum
Sargent crab (Malus sargentii Rehd.), an apomictic crabapple, performed well as a rootstock for four virus-free commercial varieties: 'McIntosh,' 'Cortland,' 'Delicious,' and 'Golden Delicious,' in a trial planted in 1970 and evaluated over 13 years. The trees were free-standing and survival was 100% with no evidence of incompatibility. A weakness noted was the production of numerous root suckers. The effect of Sargent crab on fruit yield efficiency varied with variety. 'Delicious' on Sargent crab reached a size about 60S of similar trees on standard seedling rootstock and yield efficiency was approximately 50$ greater on Sargent crab.

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