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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 39 Number 3 Article 10 Pages: 52-52
Year 1985 Month 7
Title: Bellaire Peach
Author: APS
In the orchards of Freddie Blair, Martinsburg, West Virginia, a sport of a Loring peach was discovered in 1977. Hilltop started testing and propagating it in 1979 and has since dis tributed it for trials throughout peach growing regions. It has been appropriately named Bellaire (Test No. FB- 244).

Bellaire is a freestone and has an exceptionally brilliant red blush over a yellowish orange ground color. The fruit is pleasingly round and uniform with very little fuzz. The flesh is clear, yellow, non-browning and ripens uniformly. Flavor and quality are out standing, according to test grower reports.

The ripening season is immediately after Redhaven, or about 10 days ahead of Loring, its parent. Hilltop and other evaluators agree that the fruit sizes very well, in a class with Loring, and better than Redhaven.

The crop can be harvested in two pickings and still maintain its unusually bright color. The fruit picks clean with no tendency to tear, and shipping firmness is said to be good.

The tree is strong, vigorous and easily trained. Foliage is very resist ant to Bacterial Spot. Based on observations, including this last test winter in Michigan and West Virginia, tree hardiness is close to Redhaven and better than Loring.

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