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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 39 Number 2 Article 6 Pages: 20-33
Year 1985 Month 4
Title: Citrus Clonal Selection, Progeny Testing and In Vitro Propagation
Author: Wen-Cai Zhang
China is a citrus genome "reservoir" of the world. The history of citriculture has been recorded over 4,000 years, with abundant cultivar resources. Excavations dating back over 2,500 years ago, revealed citrus seeds and rind of Citrus junos. Han Yienchih wrote the first citrus monograph "Chu Loh" dating back to 1178, recorded 27 superior cultivars in Zhejiang Province. Numerous original citrus species were found in southern provinces such as C. honghoensis YL DL, C. medica muliensis WYD, C. ichangensis Swingle, C. junos Sieb. ex Tanaka, and Fortunella hindsii Swingle.

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