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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 39 Number 1 Article 7 Pages: 21-24
Year 1985 Month 1
Title: Color Evaluation of Seventeen Strains of 'Delicious'
Authors: R.M. Crassweller, J. Walker and R.L. Shewfelt
Strain selection is a long term decision and can mean the difference between a profitable or unprofitable orchard. 'Delicious,' with over 100 different strains, provides the largest choice afforded commercial growers (4). In the selection process for new strains of 'Delicious' the primary criteria has been for improved or early coloring. In some areas, good red color can be a problem and local climatic differences can greatly affect its expression (1). In the past, color evaluations of horticultural crops have largely been done on a visual basis (5). However, with increasing instrumentation it is now becoming more common to use automated colorimeters. Strachan (9) was among the earliest researchers to evaluate four red coloring limb sports in Canada. Dayton (3) in detailed anatomical studies reported differences between strains based on pigmentation characteristics in the epidermal cells of the fruit. Polesello and Gorini (8) further refined color determination by measuring twenty-six strains of Delicious with a Judd-Hunter color system. They broke the strains down into five groups based on lightness, hue, and saturation. While objective evaluations of color can eliminate variability and human bias, there is still a place for consumer acceptance panels (5, 6). The purpose then, of this work was to objectively and subjectively evaluate color and appearance of 17 strains of Delicious.

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