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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 35 Number 1 Article 3 Pages: 9-11
Year 1981 Month 1
Title: Performance of Selected New Strawberry Cultivars in Tennessee
Authors: C.A. Mullins, T.D. Cordrey and D.W. Lockwood
Strawberry production was once a major fruit enterprise in Tennessee. Commercial acreage dropped from 26,000 in 1920; to 15,000 in 1956; and to 700 in 1979 (1, 3), Several proces sors once packed frozen strawberries but this industry was terminated in the 1960's. Fresh market shipments of 60 to 70 rail cars were said to be shipped daily from each of the major production centers in the 1950's, but actual records are not available. Production was spread throughout the state with major centers near Dayton, Portland, and Humbolt in East, middle, and West Tennessee, respectively.

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