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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 34

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January 1980, Number 1
The Pollen Receptivity Period and Its Relation to Fruit Setting in the Stone FruitsT. K. Toyama2
Phenological Development of Different Vitis CultivarsK.A. Anderson, G.S. Howell, and J.A. Wolpert5
Performance of Selected New Late Season Apple Cultivars in TennesseeC.A. Mullins and D.W. Lockwood8
Some New Varieties of Strawberry for U.P. HillsJ.N. Seth and S.D. Lal11
Ah-oon-ye-ya-pa, The Sand Cherry: Its Origin, Improvement and NomenclatureB. Garley13
Starkrimson Cherry (Zaiger 1G-200)J. Frecon18
Harogem ApricotR.E.C. Layne20
Canoga and Honeoye Stawberries Introduced by Cornell University's New York State Agricultural Experiment StationR.E. Krauss21
A 1,200 Year-Old Litchi Tree Flourishes in the People's Republic of ChinaTieng Sang23
April 1980, Number 2
Scionwood of Apple Cultivars, Rootstocks and Species Available from the Plant Introduction StationH.E. Waterworth27
Citrus Cultivation in ChinaLiang Bao34
Blackberry Production and Cultivar Situation in North AmericaJ.N. Moore36
A Population Vaccinium corymbosum L. in WisconsinM.N. Dana and M.H. Bigger42
Polyploid Breeding: A Valuable Tool for Fruit Crop ImprovementC.K. Chandler42
Origin of the Macoun Apple CultivarJ.A. Houser45
July 1980, Number 3
Grape Cultivars — Northeast RegionR.M. Pool50
Grape Production in Four North Central States and KentuckyG.A. Cahoon54
Grape Cultivar Situation in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and TexasJ.N. Moore59
Grape Growing and Cultivar Review of the Pacific NorthwestM. Ahmedullah61
Grape Variety Acreage in Arizona and CaliforniaH.P. Olmo65
Apricot Cultivar Situation in North AmericaD.W. Ramming70
October 1980, Number 4
Pear Cultivars of North AmericaP. Lombard, J. Hull, Jr. and M.N. Westwood74
The Current Status of Red Raspberry Cultivars in the United States and CanadaF.J. Lawrence84
Yield and Harvest Season of Three Red Raspberry Cvs. in the Fall-Fruit-Only System of ManagementH.D. Stiles89
Morphological Characteristics of the Adaxial and Abaxial Surfaces of the Floral Tube in Peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch.)R.K. Simons and M.C. Chu91
Walnut Cultivation and Utilization in ChinaBien Ji98
New Variety: Stark® Crimson Gold NectarineJ. Frecon100