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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 31 Number 1 Article 8 Pages: 16-21
Year 1977 Month 1
Title: The Origin and Development of Pecan Varieties
Author: G. Miller
The pecan tree is equalled by no other native American nut-bearing tree in all-round excellence. The tree is valued as an ornamental shade tree, however, its real economic importance is for nuts. The pecan industry has developed in the South and had an average value in the years 1972-74 of over 200 million dollars.
The earliest written description of the pecan was made by DeSoto, in 1541. He included in his recordings about the mighty "Mississippi" river he had discovered, a description of the "paccan" tree and its nuts. In 1722, d'Iberville described pecan trees in Natchez, Mississippi. In 1772, William Prince began to capitalize on the outstanding qualities of the pecan tree which DeSoto and d'Iberville had so lavishly praised. Prince planted thirty pecans, and ten seedlings emer~ed. He took eight seedlings to England where he sold each for ten guineas or twenty-one shillings.

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