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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 30 Number 4 Article 8 Pages: 119-119
Year 1976 Month 10
Title: Redkist Peach
Author: APS
'Redkist', recently introduced by Hilltop Orchrqds qnd Nurseries, is q high quality peach that fills a gap in the normal peach season. The new variety discovered as a limb sport of 'Redskin' in the Alton Wendzel Orchard in Southwestern Michigan, matures 7 to 10 days before 'Redskin'. It is a medium size freestone with a prominent red blush over bright yellow background. Flesh is golden yellow with a firm texture and excellent flavor. 'Redkist' is reported to be a very promising variety for both fresh market and processing. Besides its timely maturity and attractive appearance it has proven to be an outstanding shipper. Trees bloom heavily and must be thinned to attain size. Field tests show 'Redkist' to be quite hardy, and resistant to bacterial leaf spot.


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