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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 30 Number 3 Article 1 Pages: 74-77
Year 1976 Month 7
Title: Effects of Boron and Succinic Acid 2,2-Dimethyl Hydrazide (SADH) on Fruitfulness and Storage Behavior of 'Magness' Pears
Authors: B.L. rogers, A.H. Thompson, L.E. Scott and G.J. Stadelbacher
Introduction of the 'Magness' pear in 1960 as a good quality, fire-blight resistant cultivar, increased interest in growing pears in areas where fire blight (Erwinia amylovora is a severe problem. In 1970, a USDA report rated 'MAgness' as highly resistant to this disease (4); however, further evaluation indicated that the trunk is susceptible, but that shoot growth is resistant (6). 'Magness' produces no pollen, but a number of varieties have been found to be effective pollinizers (7). Petals of 'MAgness' flowers are small, and a considerable amount of foliage develops before full bloom; these two factors may contribute to the lack of bee activity in 'Magness' compared with other cultivars, as reported by Caron (2). Lack of fruitfulness has been tha main problem with 'MAgness' planting, though the original testing at Beltsville, Maryland, gave no indication of this phenomenon.

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