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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 3 Number 1 Article 8 Pages: 26-26
Year 1948 Month 5
Title: Intensive Methods of Apple and Pear Growing
Author: A.B. Beakbane
The author starts this article with the following paragraph which explains the type of material being discussed, "The trend towards simplification in form and line in the design of many everyday things can be seen in the development of new forms of trees for garden use, The elaborate fans, espaliers and winged pyramids of former times are giving way to cordons, dwarf bushes and dwarf pyramids. We may still admire the beauty of the older forms and use them occasionally for decorative effect, but lack of time and labour may lead us to chose some form of tree which will bear fruit more quickly and require less detailed care and attention."

A number of systems of training trees are discussed. These include cordon, single U espalier, double U espalier and horizontal espalier. A number of useful diagrams are included to illustrate the various systems.

Data are presented to show the size of tree, weight of prunings and number of apples produced on trees on six of the Malling stocks when trained to the cordon system.

The article also, includes suggestions concerning pollination, distance of planting, thinning of fruit, spraying and soil management.

In conclusion the author states, "while it is true that the systems of cultivation described above are not suitable for commercial production on a large scale, they have proved to be of value for garden use and the growing of these small trees can form an absorbing as well as a healthful hobby."


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